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+-- K^mC's Official... Whatever U Call It --+

Dooly's Pain, Memories, Loves, and Tattoo Tears...

11 January
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  • Dooly00000
Name: Kevin (K....-H.) K^
Full owner of kiyo_jdarpg and kchangryol
Age: Legal to smoke (eighteen+)
Home: North Brunswick, New Jersey, United States of America.
Ahn-Rak Dong, Pusan, South Korea (Republic of Korea).
Living with: Two parents who unceasingly claim they love child-abused son, and slightly obese little brother. Shares home with uncle, aunt, and a cousin.
Looks: Black hair and iris. Asian, but taller then many people. Wears bifocal.
Style: Block Hood Ghetto style. Certified Triple Wood. :P
Kodona, spinoff of Elegant Gothic Lolita.
Interests: -Unmaterialistic things: What earthlings call "true love" and friendship. -Materialistic things: Anime/manga/cartoon, games, music...
Ambitions: Being finally understood for who I am,
Other then by my best friends: Mariel H., Riana W. (Yami no Rhianna in AL), Alex W., Kevin N., and Liz (PG of AL),
and loved for what I am, with relationship more then a friend. Other then that, well... I do want few nice things... but that's my main life goal.
Single?: Broken-hearted, yes.
Fav. book: Artemis Fowl series and Series of Unfortunate Events series. I like most of the books I readed tho.
Fav. film: the Matrix original and 8 Mile.
Fav. game: Half-Life series and Metal Gear series.
Fav. musician: Linkin Park, Eminem, 2Pac (RiP), Notorious B.I.G. (RiP), Megumi Hayashibara.
Fav. anime/manga: FLCL (Both), Slayers (Both), Akagi (Anime), anything of Tezuka Osamu-san's (Like Black Jack, Tetsuwan Atom, etc...)
Aliases in many places (may not be in order): Chibi Dooly00000, Pain=death=life=love, Most_Immature, Dooly-Kun, Kaykun, +-- Girlycard, and K^mC.

Type of Girl I Sought: I can careless about the looks, nor the race. I do prefer non-Asians tho... But if my true love is Asian, I shell accept the fate and be happy with what God choose for me.
As long as she's willing to feel and understand what I go through without destroying herself, and be able to lean on me when she needs me, I have nothing more, really. Honest.